The following is a descriptive breakdown of the different types of cyclists and therefore the riding groups on the road:

“It never gets easier, you just get faster”

A ‘leisure rider’ is a rider who may wish to ride at a more ‘leisurely’ pace than the other groups on the road. It is group of choice for new or infrequent riders. Group rides are usually between 30K and 60K and are supervised by an experienced rider who will guide less experienced riders and teach them about road handling and group riding etiquette. When a leisure rider is fit and confident enough, they tend to move up to the club group. The leisure group may also contain experienced riders who just want to ride at an easier pace than the other groups, and also riders who building fitness after coming back from illness or injury.

A ‘club rider’ is typically a fit and experienced rider seeking to maintain a good level of fitness year round. Club groups spins can be up to 100km long and at a brisk pace. A dedicated and commited leisure rider should have no problem fitting in to a club ride once they cycle regularly and are looking for the next challenge. Riding with the club group is great preparation for the many and increasingly popular sportives up and down the country from our own Explore Mayo to the Ring of Kerry cycle

A ‘racer’ will have a competitive racing licence from Cycling Ireland. Racers achieve points by placing in road races up and down the country, these points eventually accumulate to promote a rider up to the next grade.

The entry level racing grade is A4, then progresses to A3,A2, & A1

Racers can view how they rank against other riders in the country via Cycling Ireland’s website